Dog is part of the family for many people. They raise their dogs like their own children. Dog is known as a man’s best friend and the bond between man and dog is very strong. Dog is needed for safety reasons as well. However, not all dogs have the same nature.

Some dogs can be very aggressive so make sure you are prepared.

They can attack other dogs and people and cause serious injuries. In such case, legal actions can be taken.

Chris Stoy at is a personal injury lawyer in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He deals with dog bite victims and gives advice on what to do below:

Owner’s negligence

It is the owner’s duty to keep the dog under control all the time. The dogs should be kept inside a fenced area or on a leash when they are taken to the street or other public places. If the owners don’t comply with these rules then the owner can be sued for negligence. Even if the owner is not present at the scene, legal actions can be taken against him or her. The owner can be fined anything from $200 to $500.

Type of attack

If the dog attack causes serious injuries or damage to properties then you can get compensation up to $30,000. You can be imprisoned for up to 10 years in jail. You will have to pay for the medical charges and other forms of loss of money resulting because of the accident.

Type of dog

There are dogs that are dangerous and should be protected by the dog owners at all times. Dogs of specific breeds like Japanese Tosas or American pit bulls are dangerous. If anyone gets attacked by these dogs then they need to inform the local council. If they get injured, then they can hire a lawyer. The owners of such dogs should make sure that the dog is microchipped, has an identification tag, kept in an enclosed area, has a warning sign at the gate and is kept under control always. Failing to meet these requirements may lead to a penalty like fine or imprisonment.

Dog attacks can be horrible. They can leave victims physically injured and in a mentally traumatic state.

If you are ever attacked by a dog and get injured then you must contact a lawyer immediately. You should discuss the type of attack, the dog involved, and other details with your lawyer so that the lawyer can decide what type of compensation you can get. You should keep all your medical bills related to the injury with you so that you can make your claim easily.

The law for dog attack varies from one state to another. Your lawyer should be able to help you in this regard.