Most women often have complicated feelings when it comes to hen parties, many thought of it as something awkward for women. Modern feminism fights on many fronts for equality, but hen party still straddle the line, many see it as something normal and an avenue for everyone to enjoy their last moment as being single, but many rants about it and strongly believe women shouldn’t be on the agenda.

The big question is have you really did everything right if you don’t have a weekend of contrived abandon before settling down?

Providing detailed answer to the question based on my knowledge, what is good for the goose shouldn’t be a poison to the gander, in a world of feminism, women shouldn’t be deprived of enjoying their last single moment to its fullest even at the brick of getting married.

Marriage does not mean you are being traded, you are still yourself after the marriage and your life is not over once you got married, marriage is full of exciting moments, massive and at the same time change a lot of things. Courtesy demand that you will be restricted from some things; hen parties are part of it because you are no longer a single, chuckle! Clubbing is not excluded if your husband is not the party type and many other activities that you are used to as a single.

So should you be hinder from enjoying your last moment as a single because you are a woman?

Oh no! Equality is preached everywhere around the world and that’s the true definition of feminism. Bachelorette is surely not the last night of your life but it is the last night you’ve got to enjoy the type of the party you’ve always like and the memory will linger forever in your heart.

Many people criticize celebrating women’s rights with a feminist hen party because of the abused attached to modern hen party as they believe it liberal women into monsters. Many become giggly, squeamish, and addicted to sexual objectification; negatively change in dress and many more. However, what they failed to realize is the fact that not all hen parties are meant to preach immorality, male strippers and dancing to keep party fun doesn’t turn the party to a dirty one but all depends on the type of company organizing such party, the company motive as well as that of the party owner. Many hen parties organizers are guilty of the aforementioned reasons why many believe women should not celebrate hen parties but we can proclaim confidently that is completely different.

With Magic Men, there is total freedom and security to feminism hen parties. Parties will be organized in accordance with the requirement of the party owner. Nothing will go weird, nothing will go wrong and you can rest assured of descent hen party that befits your status and justified your stand towards hen party.

Don’t be deprived of your last moment excitement as a single because you are a woman, don’t compromise because of what people who have no idea that some party organizer still give the best possible decent hen parties said; we recommend Magic Men among multitude and we are confident that you will give us feedback after your hen party.